State of Minnesota - Capitol Complex Projects

Remodeling at the Minnesota Judicial Center. Planned and constructed new offices in the existing space at the State of Minnesota Judicial Center per architectural plans and specifications. This involved selective demolition of existing structures in the new offices, metal stud framing, drywall installation, carpentry, doors and hardware, floors and ceilings finished, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing work.

Construction of the Judicial Center Rescue Assistance Area. This project involved the construction of the Rescue Assistance Area attached to the building. The project also involved the construction of both internal and exterior ramps leading to the Rescue Assistance Area. The construction included structural steel and concrete, including a complex metal railing system per plan and specifications.

Historical restoration to the Judicial Center external staircase and railing system. This involved the replacement of all damaged stones on the stairs and through-wall flashing to avoid future weather-related damages to the stones per plan and specification.

City of Minneapolis Parks and Recreation

Wading Pool Construction at Van Cleve Park. The project involved detailed planning and execution. The project included demolition of the existing wading pool, site preparation, construction of a new wading pool, a new equipment pool house, and installation of the pool equipment. It included the construction of a masonry equipment pool house, pool concrete deck, fencing, landscaping, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

Columbia Park Shelter Improvement. This project involved upgrading the existing shelter building at the park and creating two new restrooms in the existing space, including an ADA-accessible restroom. It also involved the resurfacing of an existing trail around the park, the expansion of the parking lot, and the installation of new park equipment. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, masonry restoration, concrete, and site work were trades involved in this project.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

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Hennepin County

Hennepin County Government Center. Remodeling a space on the skyway level to be used for election purposes or a court museum. The planning and execution of this project was very detailed so as not to disrupt the daily high foot traffic. We also coordinated with county employees and the courts not to disrupt court proceedings. The project involved demolition, concrete, metal work, glazing and aluminum storefront, monument doors and hardware, acoustics ceiling grids and tiles, framing and drywall, specialties construction, fire protection system, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, communication and fire alarm.

Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility – Men. This project involved exterior preservation and structural work on this ninety-plus-year-old building. The project included the replacement of damaged capstones on the windows, damaged brick, tuckpointing, expansion joint, and recaulking of deteriorating caulk in various structures within the campus.

Additional Projects

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